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School Equipment Fee Schedule

Facilities Use Documents

The following requirements must be met prior to using the facilities at the Colorado City Unified School District:

1.  Facility Use Agreement must be signed from the Facility Use Handbook.

2.  Facilty Rental Fees may be found using the following chart: Facility Use Fees.

3.  Obtain Liability Insurance for your event through the following site:  EBI Insurance, (Facility ID: 0524-053)

4.  Complete all information and obtain appropriate signatures on the Facilities Use Authorization

Construction Projects

El Capitan Skylight Replacement

Colorado City Unified School District has issued IFB #1718-106 for a Skylight Replacements with Electrical Shades project at their El Capitan High School, which is an SFB project.  It is the vendor's responsibility to check this website for any and all Amendments and to acknowledge receipt within your sealed bids.   

There is a non-mandatory pre-bid meeting scheduled at the El Capitan High School site on March 6 at 2:00 PM. Sealed bids must be received no later than 5:00 PM on March 21, 2018 at the CCUSD Business Office, 325 N. Cottonwood Street, Colorado City, AZ 86021.  Please note that the District is not in an overnight delivery area so plan accordingly, as late bids will not be considered.  Good luck!

Download the bidding documents by clicking on the following links.

El Capitan Skylight Drawings.pdf
El Capitan Skylights - Specifications.pdf
Invitation to Bid Documents - Skylights.pdf
Skylights Bid - Amendment 1

Cottonwood Elementary Retaining Wall Reconstruction

Bidding Documents coming soon...


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